Saints & Scholars


The Saints & Scholars Summer Theology Institute is a one-week, pre-college program that provides an exciting opportunity for high school students to live on a college campus, have seminar discussions guided by great faculty, and share community-building experiences with other students from around the country. Our goal is to support the spiritual and intellectual growth of the next generation of leaders—you! If you want to become a 学者 谁知道基督教传统和智慧 谁有勇气把智慧付诸行动,加入我们吧!

计划成本 - 最近减少了!

的课程费用 $ 400 $ 100套教学材料和午餐的每一天。有限的财政援助可以提供经询问。


Saints & Scholars: July 20-24, 2020