Promises and Ideals
Students embrace and promise to live by the moral teachings of the Catholic faith. Furthermore, students promise to:

  • Actively participate in our Sunday College Mass.
  • Consistently attend the college’s weekday Mass, never going more than a day or two without being there.
  • Abstain from drunkenness, sexual activity, illegal drugs, unchaste clothing and pornography.
  • Attend all Mission Team classes and functions.
  • Make academic success and physical health a priority.
  • To pray for each other.

While we live and work together, we hold ourselves to the following ideals, to:

  • Live with joy in our hearts and smiles on our faces.
  • Be involved in the campus life of the college.
  • Become constructive critics of society who are not afraid to rebel against prevailing cultural trends when they oppose the truth of the gospel.
  • Be especially sensitive to the poor, lonely, weak and vulnerable.
  • Lead by example, always being a humble and dependable “team player.”
  • Always interpret other people’s actions and words in the most charitable way possible.
  • Never create an atmosphere of exclusion or elitism, but rather to be welcoming, friendly, and open to everyone.
  • Absolutely refuse to participate in gossip, detraction, rash judgment or calumny – even concerning one’s enemies.

Personal Excellence
Every week, we meet for the purpose of fellowship, accountability and education.  We explore Catholic ideas, pray together, and reflect upon how well we are keeping our promises and living by our ideals.  Periodically, we gather for a “day of reflection.”

The New Evangelization
Mission Team members are assigned to a squad, a small group with a mentor.  Squads are important for making sure that no one falls through the cracks.  Squad members look out for each other.

Catholic Ideas Forum/Prayer and Reflection
Mission Team members perform service work for the college or local community according to their talents and available time.

Impact Events
Over the years, we have found that some students would love to participate in the Mission Team, but they simply cannot due to their work commitment.  In order to remove this obstacle, students who fully participate in the Mission Team will receive significant financial aid.

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